5 reasons why you should buy vintage jewelry


It is more sustainable

It takes significant resources to mine gemstones and precious metals which makes it hard to produce jewelry in an environmentally friendly way. Buying vintage jewelry makes you a conservator rather than a consumer.

And finally, most vintage jewelry dealers are one-man-bands or small teams and family businesses, so buying old jewelry supports small businesses as opposed to big corporations. #kooplokaal #koopbelgisch

It will retain value

Just as when you buy a new car, you pay a ‘new’ price for new, modern jewelry. That purchase value then drops as soon as you buy it simply because it is no longer new. With antique and vintage jewelry the piece has already gone from ‘new’ to ‘old’ before you buy it so its purchase value remains the same.

In the same way that classic cars are always in demand and retain their value, so antique jewelry will always be collectable and desirable and retain theirs.


It’s an Investment

If you’ve ever tried to sell a piece of secondhand jewelry, you were probably shocked at how little you were offered for it. That’s because modern jewelry is valued based upon how much the metal and gemstones are worth separately on the wholesale market.

Vintage jewelry is worth more than the sum of its parts because each piece is unique and it cannot be duplicated using modern production methods. Generally speaking, antique and vintage jewelry costs less than new jewelry and yet it’s worth more!

It has a story

There is something very romantic about jewelry from another era, with a story to tell. With a piece of vintage jewelry, we become the next chapter of its sparkling history.