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How can i know my ring size? 

Save yourself time and discover your perfect fit with our ring sizer. Wrap the strap around your finger and pull it tight. Check your circumference and it's as easy as that! You can order your ring sizer for 5 euros (inclusive shipping) here.

If you don't want to spend money on a ring sizer, there are is another option to discover your ring size:

Use a ruler and measure the internal diameter and compare to the table below

Ø14,96 mm – size 47

Ø15,28 mm – size 48

Ø15,60 mm – size 49

Ø15,92 mm – size 50

Ø16,23 mm – size 51

Ø16,55 mm – size 52

Ø16,87 mm – size 53

Ø17,19 mm – size 54

Ø17,51 mm – size 55

Ø17,83 mm – size 56

Ø18,14 mm – size 57

Ø18,46 mm – size 58

Ø18,78 mm – size 59

Ø19,10 mm – size 60

Ø19,42 mm – size 61

Ø19,74 mm – size 62

Ø20,05 mm – size 63

Ø20,37 mm – size 64

Ø20,69 mm – size 65

Ø21,01 mm – size 66

Ø21,33 mm – size 67

Ø21,65 mm – size 68

Ø21,96 mm – size 69

Ø22,28 mm – size 70

If you’re still in doubt, we would love to help you. So please, do not hesitate to use the chat, give us a call or send us an e-mail to